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Fault tolerant server for our stake pools
Welcome to Cardano stake pool

Pledge 1,000,000 ₳

Margin 1%

Fixed Cost 170 ₳


Professional Services for our Cardano stake pool

Fault tolerant server

Using reliable, fault-tolerant equipment with high availability

24/7 health monitoring

Continuous performance monitoring and quick problem solving

Customizable performance

Changing equipment performance to meet process requirements

Software Update

Timely software update for reliable operation

Qualified specialists

Highly qualified professionals with blockchain skills


Feedback on questions and advice

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no risk. You continue to control your funds in your wallet.

If you delegated in the N epoch, your stake must go to the snapshot in the N + 1 epoch, this snapshot will be active in the N + 2 epoch, the results of this epoch will be evaluated in the N + 3 epoch, and the first rewards received in the N + 4 epoch.

For each epoch, as a result of the lottery and the active stake, the pool receives a certain number of blocks for production. This number of blocks in different epoch can vary greatly. To increase the stability of rewards you can split funds and delegate to our TANTUM stake pool.

At the moment, the annual profit from stake is about 4.8% in ADA coins. Annual profit decreases over time according to the Cardano network protocol.

Staking rewards are distributed automatically by the Cardano protocol at the start of each epoch.

We ensure high security and uptime of our pools. In addition, for high rewards, we maintain high pledge and low fees. This is confirmed by the high rating of our old TANTUM (TNTM) pool in the Daedalus wallet.

Above all, we’re fans of the Cardano ecosystem. For the successful growth of the ecosystem, high security and reliability of the Cardano network, we contribute by ensuring the operation of pools.

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